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December 12, 2016 December 12, 2016 Monthly Meeting

Town of Liberty
Monday December 12, 2016
7:00 p.m.

The December meeting for the Town of Liberty was called to order by Chairman, Bill Pitz at 7:00 p.m.

The pledge of allegiance was recited.

Attending from the Board were Bill Pitz, Bobbi Reedy, Pam Petersen, Cathy Wagner, Joel Aulik, Jim Krim and Dave Petersen. Also present Rick Krueger (Road Superintendent).

A motion was made by Jim and seconded by Joel to approve the agenda as presented.

A motion was made by Jim and seconded by Joel to approve the November Monthly Board meeting minutes as presented.

A motion was made by Jim to approve the November 22, 2016 Special Meeting minutes as presented with a second from Joel.

A motion was made by Joel to approve the November 28, 2016 Budget Hearing minutes as presented with a second from Jim.

A motion was made by Joel to approve the November 28, 2016 Special Meeting minutes as presented with a second from Jim.

A motion was made by Joel and seconded by Jim to approve the Treasurer’s Report with $129,350.98 in the checking and savings accounts and $25,153.18 in the Machinery Replacement Fund as of 11/30/16 as presented. Cathy also handed out the dog license numbers for 2017 by town to all board member.

Road & Machinery (Rick Krueger)

• All plows are on the trucks and the grader is ready to go for the snow season.
• The ABS light is on in the 2001 International Plow Truck. There is also a leaking rear seal which may be the cause of the ABS light being on. He has lined up help to fix the issue.
• First snow of the season went well, used the new carbide blade on hard pack snow and it peeled right up.
• Rick hired another part-time plow driver making it a crew of 5 part-time drivers and himself.
• Discussion with Cato about Wooden Bridge Rd. agreement for plowing and also sharing of Lenz Rd. After a short discussion the board felt it would be best to set up a meeting between the boards. Bill wil contact Jerry on the Cato Board to set something up.
• Viking Snow Riders called regarding the use of Robley Rd. until 1/8/17 because of a conflict with bow hunting on land that is normally used for that section of snowmobile trail. The January meeting is not until 1/9/17 and since it was not on the agenda for December THE BOARD WAS NOT COMFORTABLE WITH MAKING A DECISION. Rick will call Viking Snow Riders to let them know the next time it can be discussed is past 1/8/17 but if they want on the agenda regardless for future conflicts.


• Reviewed 2017 contract with Eastshore Human Society. Jim motioned to accept the contract as written, a second was made by Joel. Motion carried
• Board discussed Lucie Rutherford’s rezone request from Exclusive Ag to Small Estate for property located at 4107 Marken Road. The rezone would allow separation of buildings from agricultural land. The rezone was approved 5-0 by the plan commission. After short discussion Jim made a motion to accept the Plan Commission recommendation with 3 special conditions, Joel made a second to the motion. Motion carried with a 3-0 vote.
• Joel made a motion to transfer $15,000 from savings to the machinery replacement fund according to the 2016 budget. Jim seconded, motion carried.
• Funding of insufficient funds for 2016 budget cycle was reviewed. A motion was made by Joel to transfer funds into any insufficient funds accounts from those under budget for 2016. Jim made a second to the motion. Motion carried
• Joel made a motion to designate Bank First National as primary and Investors Community Bank as secondary for 2017. Jim seconded, motion carried.
Public Input (Opened at 7:30 p.m./closed at 8:08 p.m.)

• Stuart Hammel was present representing the Liberty Go-Getters 4H Club. The club has been using the Town Hall for many years to hold meetings free of charge since they are a non-profit. Cathy has been unlocking the door for them each month for their meeting for many years. The club is requesting a key based on their long-standing relationship with the town and the use of the Town Hall. This would eliminate the need for Cathy to go each month to let them in. The Board decided this would be fine after a short discussion and Rick will get Stuart a key to use for the front door.
• Bill discussed a letter from Jeremy Cords of the DNR in reference to the Town’s ATV Ordinance. Jeremy addressed some concerns with the ordinance and related signage. He also requested his own signed copy of the ordinance for his records. Bobbi will mail a copy of the signed ordinance to Jeremy and Bill will invite him to a monthly meeting to discuss the issues he has with the ordinance.
• Assessor Joe Denor was present to give Bill the Annual Asset Report. Also distributed a Major Class Comparison Report. He said he will be sending out letters to schedule appointments to look at new construction in January or February.
• Building Inspector Scott Beining inquired whom he should contact to reconnect a sewer lateral in the Sanitary District. He also said he would like to discuss his contract renewal in the near future. He will be unable to attend meetings for the next few months because of a conflict with the time. He also suggested the board consider someone local or on the board to issue the smaller permits for more timely and accurate permit process and that he would still issue new construction permits.
• Bill read a letter to the Board from The Pigeon Lake Association regarding details of the Weed Treatment that funding was approved for last month at the Budget Hearing. Steve Meidl of the Association said they have 3 proposals from contractors with a range of $7,300 to $9700. With DNR Permit and other costs the total estimate equals $9,407.60. The board will add this to January’s Agenda. The board would like to review all 3 proposals, choose the contractor and pay the contractor directly.

Clerk Report

• Bobbi gave the Annual Joint Powers Agreement from the County to the board for review. After review Bill signed and Bobbi will return to Jamie Aulik, with Manitowoc County.
• Bobbi received a letter from the Auditor with findings of the 2015 Audit and request of Bill, Cathy and Bobbi to sign. Letter was signed and Bobbi will mail back to Auditor.
• Reminded Rick that bill from September to RobinWay Dairy for cleaning up mud on the road overnight is still unpaid. Bobbi will resend invoice with terms and explaining interest will be charged if not paid prior to 12/23/16.
• Discussed Clerk transition of phone, email, files computer etc… Also determined that an hourly rate of $18 per hour will be paid to Pam until 12/15/16 when Bobbi has officially resigned she will then receive the Clerk Salary. Bobbi will be paid the Clerk Salary until 12/15/16 and then changeover to $18/hour for her time training and helping the new Clerk thereafter.
• Discussion of large public records request related to the November election. Also discussed the advice given to municipalities from the Wisconsin Elections Commission that it is imperative that towns contact their attorneys about this request. Bobbi will contact Kate Reynolds and handle what needs to be done with this request since Pam was not the Clerk for that election.

Motion was made by Bill and seconded by Joel to approve and pay checks #18185 to # 18219 in the amount of $21,954.75 and payroll transactions in the amount of $4,724.82.

Motion was made by Bill and seconded by Joel to adjourn the meeting at 8:48 p.m.

Building Permits

September 2016 Franzene 9412 Pigeon Lake Rd. Siding/Windows
October 2016 Todd Buchanan 7528 Marken Rd. Detached Garage
October 2016 Mike Mancheski 6503 Nagel Rd. Cleary Buildings
November 2016 Ryan & Brittany Alfson CTH F New Single Family Home


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