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June 9, 2014 June 9, 2014 Board Meeting

Town of Liberty
Monday June 9, 2014
7:00 p.m.

The June meeting for the Town of Liberty was called to order by Chairman, Bill Pitz at 7:02 p.m.

The pledge of allegiance was recited.

Attending from the Board were Bill Pitz, Joel Aulik, Bobbi Reedy, Cathy Wagner, Dustin Hammel, and Dylan Hammel. Also, present Harley Meyer (Road Superintendent).

A motion was made by Joel Aulik and seconded by Bill Pitz to approve the agenda as presented.

With John from Scott Construction and Rick from Northeast Asphalt present with other meeting to attend the business of opening sealed road bids and awarding contracts was conducted.
Project 1 – Wehausen Road with intersection at Nagel Rd. & Madson Rd. – 100 ft. north on Madson – 75 ft. west on Nagel Rd. - Wehausen Rd. 22 ft. by 1 mile. Pulverize, fine grade, water, construct 3” compound asphalt -1.75” lower and 1.25” upper course. Northeast Asphalt Bid $128,585 (hot mix)
Scott Construction Bid $124,106 (cold mix)

Project 2 – West Washington – From Marken Rd. west 22 ft. by 750 ft., pulverize, fine grade, water, construct 3” compound asphalt - 1.75” lower and 1.25” upper course. Northeast Asphalt Bid $21,475 (hot mix)
Scott Construction Bid $19,170 (cold mix)

Project 3 – English Lake Road – Range Line Rd. to Madson Rd., hot oil slag seal, 24 ft. by 1.01 mile. With Intersection at Range Line Road.
Northeast Asphalt Bid - No Bid
Scott Construction Bid $20,557

Project 4 – English Lake Road – Approximately .91 mile from Boldt Rd. to the east to meet existing slag seal. Hot oil slag seal, 24 ft. by .91 mile. With intersection at Boldt Road. Northeast Asphalt Bid - No Bid
Scott Construction Bid $18,706

The board was refreshed on what was budgeted for 2014. $129,089 was budgeted which included the approximately $26,000 in grant money it is receiving. There was also a carryover from 2013 of approximately $20,000. That gives the town a budget of $149,124.98. Board members and Road Superintendent discussed pros/cons of hot mix vs. cold mix. All prefer hot mix for longevity and smoothness and felt that for the price difference of approximately $4,500 it would be money well spent. Dustin Hammel made a motion to award the contract for Project 1 to Northeast Asphalt with hot mix at $128,585. Joel Aulik seconded this motion, motion carried.

The cost of striping and gravel needed for shoulders of project one was discussed and estimated to be $10,000 for both. This leaves about $10,500 in the budget for roads. Prooject 2 was tabled for next year because of lack of funds in budget. Dustin Hammel made a motion to have Scott Construction proceed with as much of Projects 3 & 4 as allowed with the $10,500 remaining in our budget. Joel Aulik seconded this motion, motion carried.

A motion was made by Joel Aulik and seconded by Dustin Hammel to approve the May 12, 2014 Monthly Meeting Minutes and the Board of Review Minutes from May 27, 2014.

A motion was made by Dustin Hammel and seconded by Joel Aulik to approve the Treasurer’s report with $77,132.71 in the checking and savings accounts, $35,606.94 in the Machinery Replacement Fund and $20,035.98 in the Highway Fund as of 5/31/14 as presented

Public Input (Opened at 7:49 p.m./closed at 8:45 p.m.)

• Kandy Konitzer representing A Pawsitive Outlook, Inc. was present. She is purchasing the property at 14402 Hwy. C in the town and wanted to share with the board what she does as a non-profit dog sanctuary and discuss dog licensing requirements within the town. The main purpose of the organization is to offer an alternative to euthanasia for large breed dogs. The property is zoned as a large estate and does not require any rezoning or conditional use permits as her organization is not considered a kennel by the county’s definition. She currently has 10 dogs and does not expect to exceed that amount. Some are or will be adoptable. She currently has 2 that will be with her permanently. She plans to fence the perimeter of the property and “yards” or “runs” fenced within that perimeter. The board has added discussion and possible action to its’ July Agenda to limit the number of household animals (dogs) per acre in the town.
• Thomas Neeb from the Liberty Sanitary District and Randy Pingel discussed the possibility of combining the Sanitary District with the Town on one insurance policy to save some money. The savings would be $110 for the Workers comp plan and some money for the Liability portion. Randy will work out some numbers for the liability portion and share with Tom to take back to the Sanitary District and Bobbi for the Town. During the discussion the risk of either entity having their premium go up due to a possible future claim of the other entity was discussed and would the savings be worth the risk. It will be discussed at the July meeting when there are more concrete numbers.
• Bill Pitz received a phone call last week about a culvert on Borgwardt Rd. being blocked and causing water backup onto property. Upon inspection Bill and Harley found the culvert to be blocked with straw and other materials. It was dug out enough to allow drainage and within 24 hours property across road was free of standing water. Joel Aulik will talk to property owner on blocked side that the water way cannot be impeded and give the property owner 90 days to clear the culvert to the right of way or find another solution to prevent blockage of the culvert.
• Dustin Hammel was called by Mark Meyer. Mr. Meyer’s son owns property on Roselawn Rd. which he recently purchased. There are remnants of a collapsed barn on the property that he would like to burn. The previous owner told him that the Town would not allow the burn because it was too close to the road. The board does not recall this request. Dustin Hammel will have Valders Fire Chief inspect the property and determine if this is true or if there is any other reason the property owner could not be issued a burn permit for this.

Road & Machinery (Harley Meyer)

• Harley has done some shouldering and began cutting ditches.
• The new (recaps) tires are on the grader.


• Reviewed insurance renewal with Randy Pingel from Rural Insurance. Randy will get us some final numbers but all agreed that it would be good to add rental coverage for vehicles if they are inoperable. Estimated cost is $50-90 per year depending on waiting period. Board agreed to go ahead with renewal as presented.
• Review and approve liquor, cigarette and operator licenses for July 2014-June 2015. Board members reviewed the list of operator license applicants for both Autumn Ridge and Viking Bow and Gun Club. Dustin Hammel made a motion to accept list as presented and Joel Aulik seconded this motion, motion carried.
• Define/clarification on what constitutes a meeting for the per diems paid to board members. Dustin hammel made a motion to table this topic until July meeting. Bill Pitz seconded, motion carried.
• Discuss and possible action regarding record retention and destruction of old records. Dustin Hammel made a motion to also table this topic until July. Bill Pitz seconded the motion, motion carried.
• Appointment of Road Superintendent. Bill Pitz made a motion to reappoint Harley Meyer as Road Superintendent for another year, Joel Aulik seconded this motion, motion carried.
• Review applications and possible action on Recycling Center opening. There were 3 applicants for the position at the Recycling Center. One of the three is a town resident, the board agreed in the past if all qualifications are equal applicants that are residents of the town would be given priority over others. The applicant from the Town of Liberty was Dylan Hammel. The other 2 applicants were from St. Nazianz. Joel Aulik made the motion to offer the position to Dylan Hammel, Bill Pitz seconded that motion, motion carried. Dylan Hammel was present at the meeting and accepted.
Motion was made by Cathy Wagner and seconded by Bill Pitz to approve and pay checks #17076 to #17106 totaling $57,407.35 along with payroll direct deposits of $4,347.51.

Motion was made by Bill Pitz and seconded by Joel Aulik to adjourn the meeting at 10:32 p.m.

Bobbi Reedy, Clerk

Building Permits

Ed & Bonnie Hermann 8912 Pigeon Lake Road Addition/Electrical
Dennis Moldenhauer 4786 Madson Road New Single Family Dwelling
Rick Mauer 9007 State Road 42 Unattached Garage/Electrical
Steven Wenzel 14532 County Road F Deck
Steve Quasius 14716 N. Shore Drive Unattached Garage
Patricia Sabourin 14629 N. Shore Drive Roof Permit


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