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November 14, 2016 November 14, 2016 Monthly Meeting

Town of Liberty
Monday November 14, 2016
7:00 p.m.

The November meeting for the Town of Liberty was called to order by Chairman, Bill Pitz at 7:11 p.m.

The pledge of allegiance was recited.

Attending from the Board were Bill Pitz, Bobbi Reedy, Cathy Wagner, Joel Aulik, Jim Krim and Dave Petersen. Also present Rick Krueger (Road Superintendent).

A motion was made by Joel and seconded by Jim to approve the agenda as presented.

A motion was made by Joel and seconded by Jim to approve the October Monthly Board meeting minutes as presented. A motion was made by Jim to approve the October 18, 2016 Special Meeting minutes as presented with a second from Joel.

A motion was made by Jim and seconded by Joel to approve the Treasurer’s Report with $122,588.70 in the checking and savings accounts and $25,144.91 in the Machinery Replacement Fund as of 10/31/16 as presented.

The board reviewed the 2017 St. Nazianz Fire Department Contract and signed.

Road & Machinery (Rick Krueger)

• The 40 yard dumpster discussed at the October meeting is in place at the Recycling Center.
• Motor on the Air Compressor needed repair the was approximately $500.
• The #5 truck that recently had its box corners replaced and painted is done and Rick will be getting all 3 plow trucks prepped for the season.
• During a recent road check some black-topping was noticed along Pigeon Lake Road. Rick addressed some grade issues that need to be corrected with the contractor and property owners to keep water runoff equal between properties. This area has been a concern on the past with water runoff issues.
• Property owner of land near Carstens Lake and Range Line Rd. called with concerns about water flowing under Carstens Lake Rd.
• There was manure runoff at Bartel Rd. and CTH A that was handled by the county.
• An area manure hauler placed 2 tanks in the town without notifying Rick. Rick gave the hauler a verbal warning and reminded them of the town regulations for manure haulers that were given to them when they received their permit. The same hauler opened a valve early I at a field on Carstens Lake Rd that the county was called in to cleanup.

Public Input (Opened at 7:39 p.m./closed at 8:09 p.m.)

• Dave Christel from the Plan Commission started to explain a recent agenda item the commission reviewed regarding a possible variance for Todd Glaeser. It was tabled by the Plan Commission for further discussion with the Town Board. Earl Glaeser representing Todd Glaeser was present and explained the situation and reason for the variance request. Earl is looking for direction on taking over a town road/drive-way or if the Board prefers to retain ownership and go the route of a variance request from setback requirements for new structure to be located at 12235 Viebahn Road. The variance would require survey work to determine where the town property lines are. Years ago the town took the deed to several town driveways for extra funding at that time which is now only approximately $289 per year and with larger equipment has gotten harder to plow.
• Dave Christel from the Plan Commission also presented Lucie Rutherford’s rezone request from Exclusive Ag to Small Estate for property located at 4107 Marken Road. The rezone would allow separation of buildings from agricultural land. The rezone was approved 5-0 by the plan commission.
• Joel reported a call from a 1st responder about a recent emergency on Wrolson Lane. There was some confusion about which house had the emergency because of the address markers being on Hwy J and not down Wrolson Lane by the houses. The board discussed and remembered this was changed at the request of the county several years ago to match 911 dispatch maps & records. It would be up to the property owner to put addresses on their property closer to their home.


• Board discussed Lucie Rutherford’s rezone request from Exclusive Ag to Small Estate for property located at 4107 Marken Road. It was explained to Lucie that the board could not vote on the item tonight because it was not on the posted agenda. They advised her to get on the county agenda for December as her next step. They said it seemed very straight-forward and that it would be voted on by the town at the December 12,2016 meeting.
• A short discussion was had by board members in regard to Glaeser variance request. It would be more cost-effective for the town to deed the driveway back over to Todd Glaeser than paying to have it resurveyed. It also would no longer be the town’s responsibility to plow.
• The 2 applications for the recycling center were reviewed and Bill will be calling Eugene Groh to offer him the position. It was also discussed that one of the current employees is willing to do the scheduling for the recycling center rather than having Bill handle it. This may be a more efficient way of handling requested days off.
• The 1 application received for the Town Clerk Opening was reviewed and the board decided to bring the candidate in for an interview. Bobbi will handle the scheduling of this interview.

Clerk Report

• Bobbi asked if the board had reviewed the draft of proposed resolution in regard the levy increase for 2017. Also asked the anticipated attendance of the Budget Hearing so ample copies of all information are available to those in attendance.
• Shared a letter from insurance carrier that a Standard Operating Procedures Manual was available to towns if desired.

Motion was made by Bill and seconded by Joel to approve and pay checks #18146 to # 18184 in the amount of $15,651.93 and payroll transactions in the amount of $6,922.19.

Motion was made by Jim and seconded by Joel to adjourn the meeting at 8:51 p.m.

Building Permits

None Reported


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