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October 13, 2016 October 13, 2016 Monthly Meeting

Town of Liberty
Thursday October 13, 2016
7:00 p.m.

The October meeting for the Town of Liberty was called to order by Chairman, Bill Pitz at 7:04 p.m. Attending from the Board were Bill Pitz, Bobbi Reedy, Cathy Wagner, Joel Aulik, Jim Krim and Dave Petersen. Also present Rick Krueger (Road Superintendent).

The pledge of allegiance was recited.

A motion was made by Jim and seconded by Joel to approve the agenda as presented.

A motion was made by Joel and seconded by Jim to approve the Treasurer’s Report with $167,703.65 in the checking and savings accounts and $25,136.37 in the Machinery Replacement Fund as of 9/30/16 as presented. Cathy also discussed change of ownership in company that supports tax/dog license software from J. Mauel to Transcendent, it will be an increase in annual charges from $350 to $600.

A motion was made by Jim and seconded by Joel to approve the September Monthly Board meeting minutes as presented.

Road & Machinery (Rick Krueger)

• Rick had a meeting with Advanced Disposal about a pricing change. A fee of $53.56 for equipment use of the mixed recycling container is being removed. All other prices are staying the same, discussion also of replacing one of the 30 yard containers for trash to a 40 yard container at no extra cost. This would decrease the number of times the dumpster must be pulled and save money.
• Took in tires for recycling when county had tire collection.
• Washington St. project to correct erosion problems has been completed, took one day to lay down stone/rocks.
• Used the #5 truck to do some shouldering for Town of Eaton, Rick gave the information to Bobbi to be billed.
• #5 truck was at Stock Manufacturing to have taillight pedestals rebuilt. Hoping to have blasted and painted next week.
• Ditch cutting is 75% done, had a tire blowout last week on mower tractor. Hi-Way 42 pulled tractor out of ditch and Pat’s Tire came to repair with spare.
• Discussed road damage at intersection of Carstens Lake Rd. and Nagel Rd. Believes it will survive the winter but will need to be repaired in spring 2017.
• Discussed repair of approaches at Pine River Bridge again and decided this too would be a spring project.
• Received a call from DOT that they have a problem with ATV signs being attached to stop signs and the possible liability to them. Rick has moved those in question.

Public Input (Opened at 7:42 p.m./closed at 8:30 p.m.)

• Dan Esser from the Valders Fire Department presented the proposed 2017 contract along with the departments 2017 Budget.
• Joel reported a question he received from the Recycling Center Employees in regard to Operating Hours for Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve since they fall on a Saturday.

• Joel shared information about his recent attendance to the Wisconsin Towns Association Conference held earlier this week. He brought back some insurance company information since the board is due to bid out insurance in spring 2017. He discussed the bid process for assisting the Pigeon Lake Association with the Milfoil treatment and learned the bid/quote process can be handled by the Lake Assoc. Because it is a service being provided bidding is not necessary and they should be seeking “quotes” not “bids”. Discussed a website he learned about that helps process Implements of Husbandry applications.
• Joel also briefly discussed his attendance to the county transportation meeting held Sept. 29th.
• Bobbi informed the board that she is resigning as Clerk. She will handle the election and is willing to work through the December monthly meeting and intends to end her employment with the town effective 12/15/16.


• A motion was made by Bill to accept the Valders Fire Department contract for $46,104.00 as presented, Joel seconded the motion. Motion carried.
• The board discussed the holiday hours for the Recycling Center and determined they will be the normal 8am to 2pm on those Saturdays in December.
• The board discussed the need for an additional special meeting next week to discuss the Clerk position, additional help at the Recycling Center, annual employee wage review and preliminary budget discussion. The meeting was planned for Tuesday October 18th, 2016. Bobbi will post in 3 locations and website.

Clerk Report

Bobbi shared various correspondence received about training opportunities, Bay Lake Regional Planning and a new 20 year Comprehensive Plan from Manitowoc Rapids.

Motion was made by Bill and seconded by Joel to approve and pay checks #18119 to # 18143 in the amount of $8,847.98 and payroll transactions in the amount of $4219.91.

Motion was made by Jim and seconded by Bill to adjourn the meeting at 8:40 p.m.

Building Permits

Todd Buchanan 7528 Marken Road Detached Garage


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