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October 18, 2016 Special Town Meeting

Town of Liberty
Special Board Meeting
Tuesday October 18, 2016
7:00 p.m.

The Special Board Meeting for the Town of Liberty was called to order by Chairman, Bill Pitz at 7:16 p.m. Attending from the Board were Bill Pitz, Bobbi Reedy, Cathy Wagner, Jim Krim and Joel Aulik. Rick Krueger, Road Superintendent, was also present. There were not any residents in attendance.

The Town Clerk opening was discussed. Bobbi shared the ad used in 2013 when the board last looked for a Clerk. It was decided that an ad would be placed in The Valders Journal on October 27th and November 3rd with an application deadline of 11/12/16. The board will then review the applications in closed session during the 11/14/16 monthly meeting. The board also wants the ad ran in the Herald Times Reporter and The Tempo. Bobbi was instructed to check if Brian at the Valders Journal can forward the ad to the other papers.

· Wages were reviewed for town employees. A motion was made by Bill and seconded by Jim to approve the following wages for Road Superintendent, Rick Krueger and other town employees. Motion carried.
Road Superintendent Current Proposed — Effective 11/15/16
$22.75/hour $23.00/hour
$34.13/hour over 40 hrs., Sundays $34.50/hour over 40 hrs., Sundays
& Holidays & Holidays
$8,400/year additional pay in lieu $8,400/year additional pay in lieu
of Health Insurance Benefits of Health Insurance Benefits
3% Match into Simple IRA 3% Match into Simple IRA
1 week vacation — 8 hours/day 2 weeks vacation — 8 hours/day
(Annual total of 40 Hours) (Annual total of 80 hours)
3 Personal/Sick Days 3 Personal/Sick Days
(Annual total of 24 hours) (Annual total of 24 hours)
An annual $360 Cell Phone Allowance An annual $360 Cell Phone Allowance

6 Paid holidays per year (New Year’s Day, Memorial Day,4th of July, Labor Day,
Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day)

Bereavement pay of 3 days for spouse, children and parents. 1 day for in-laws
(mother, father).

Current Proposed — Effective 11/15/16
PT Road Crew $17.25/hour $17.25/hour
$25.88/hour $25.88 /hour
(Over 40 hrs, Sundays, Holidays) (Over 40 hrs, Sundays, Holidays)

Holidays: Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, New Year’s Day
Recycling Center $12.50/hour $12.50/hour
Open Town Hall $10.00/opening $10.00/opening
Poll Workers $10.00/hour $10.00/hour
Chief Inspectors $13.50/hour $13.75/hour

• The board discussed the need for an additional employee to share the rotation at the Recycling Center. Bobbi will place an ad for that position in The Valders Journal to run October 27th and November 3rd also with an application deadline of 11/12/16.

• Preliminary 2017 Budget discussion and planning. The Board reviewed year-to-date balances and discussed projections for 2017. A levy increase by resolution was discussed to cover the weed treatment at Pigeon Lake and was added to the preliminary budget that will be posted. A budget hearing was scheduled for November 28th at 7pm. The notice of the proposed budget will be placed in The Valders Journal on November 10th and posted at the 3 posting sites that week also.

Bill Pitz motioned to adjourn at 9:21 p.m. with a second from Joel.

Bobbi Reedy
Town Clerk


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