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September 8, 2014 September 8, 2014 Board Meeting

Town of Liberty
Monday September 8, 2014
7:00 p.m.

The September meeting for the Town of Liberty was called to order by Supervisor, Joel Aulik at 7:00 p.m.

The pledge of allegiance was recited.

Attending from the Board were, Joel Aulik, Bobbi Reedy, Cathy Wagner, and Dylan Hammel. Harley Meyer (Road Superintendent) was also present. Bill Pitz and Dustin Hammel were excused.

The agenda posted by Bobbi Reedy was given to Joel Aulik.

The August 11, 2014 Monthly Meeting Minutes were reviewed however with the absence of 2 board members they could not be approved.

Cathy Wagner gave the Treasurer’s report with $130,492.65 in the checking and savings accounts, $35,642.46 in the Machinery Replacement Fund and $20,055.97 in the Highway Fund as of 8/31/14 as presented by Cathy Wagner. It was also discussed that payment of the new pickup will be made with the $11,540.48 received from Lakefield for the stock sale in April and the balance of $10,693.52 will be taken from the Machinery Account.

Road & Machinery (Harley Meyer)

• Gravel was brought in for Wehausen Rd. resurfacing. Approximate cost to date is $2,500. Expecting another $2,500 in gravel expense for shouldering.
• Wehausen Rd. project expected to start 9/9/14. Northeast Asphalt was contracted by the church also for their parking lot which will be done before the road.
• Meeme has requested Harley do some shouldering.
• 17 miles of grass has been cut in ditches.

Public Input (Opened at 7:31 p.m./closed at 7:38 p.m.)

• Cathy Wagner brought up that the agendas and minutes were not updated on the town website. Kandy Konitzer was present and said that they have not been posted on website for July or August.


The following list of items on the agenda were postponed for discussion and any action until the other board members are present in the October meeting.
• Review revised draft for proposed Kennel Permit Ordinance, discuss and possible action.
• Review pros/cons of combining insurance policy with Liberty Sanitary District, discuss and possible action.
• Review draft of Public Nuisance Ordinance, discuss and possible action.
• Discuss election equipment agreement with Valders and future plans of Town.
• Discussion and possible action on ACT 377-Local Government Options for Implements of Husbandry and Agricultural Commercial Vehicles, also implementation of weight limits on town roads.
• Evenson Construction – Re-zone request for property at 4911 CTH-A was postponed by the Plan Commission in their meeting last week so that Evenson can have a meeting with the neighbors to explain their plans.
• Bobbi Reedy updated the town website with approved minutes for June and July and agendas up to September prior to the meeting closing. Kandy Konitzer was also given a copy of the August minutes draft that is subject to Board approval.
Checks #17174 to # 17211 totaling $66,910.33 were signed and issued along with payroll direct deposits of $4757.44.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:04 p.m.

Bobbi Reedy, Clerk

Building Permits

William Bergner 1510 County Road F New single family dwelling
Heidi & Derek Pankratz 12332 Robley Road Major remodel/electrical/plumbing
Roger Boldt 14724 Carstens Lake Rd. Siding
Glenn Otto 13827 Roselawn Road Farm Building
Rosaline Hammel 10713 Carstens Lake Rd. Deck/Roof permit
Dustin Hammel 14824 Carstens Lake Rd. Unattached garage
Eugene Durban 3812 Marken Rd. Apt. B Roof Permit


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